High Performance sand Filter are manufactured with polyester and glass fiber winding for dependable, durable and all weather operation. They are economic, high performance filters for private, fish pool, Jacuzzi and public pools .

We present an extensive range of filters manufactured with polyester and glassfiber winding for high resistance and high quality of water filtration. FB series filters are used for private, fish pool, Jacuzzi and public pools.

filters with flange connection include with:
Superior manhole
Filtration bed with 1 meter of sand
Stainless steel hubs and laterals
Air bleed system
Drain for sand and water
Manometer panel
Inlets and outlets with detachable unions or flanges.
Working pressure: 2.5 bar or 4 bar

Features of FB filters include:
Multi-port 6-way valve (bolts mounted) with lever-action handle
Integral sight glass for watching backwash cycle
Manometer, air-bleed apparatus for monitoring and varing the pressure of filtration system
Large pressure sand/water drain for rapid winterizing or servicing
Umbrella-fold self cleaning laterals for balanced flow, backwashing and easy maintenance
Maximum working pressure: 2.5 bars.

Function. of 6-way (Multi-port) valve
1.Filter 2.Waste 3.Close 4.Backwash
5.Re-circulate 6.Rinse


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