Three speeds high performance pump


1.On the operation panel equipped with 3 buttons: HIGH, MED, LOW correspond to the indicator light: 1,2,3 respectively. Power light for POWER and Fault indicator for ERROR. On the side of the control box with ON/OFF switch.

2.When put ON/OFF  switch to 1,the switch lights and the panel power indicator light POWER is on,motor starts to work.Start button HIGH,the corresponding speed is 3450r/min,indicator light 1 is on;Start button MED ,the corresponding speed is 2600r/min,indicator light 2 is on;Start button LOW ,the corresponding speed is 1600r/min,indicator light 3 is on.

Press the start / stop switch, motor starts up slowly; let it run for 10S before switching to other gears. During the operation, press the stop button, the output of the controller is prohibited, motor stop slowly by natural braking. Then press the stop button again, the motor will run up. After the motor stops, wait for 15s to restart it.

3.Built-in protections for avoiding lack of phase , less or over voltage ,etc. Temperature: 0 °C ~ +60 °C.

It also has the following advantages:

1.No any impact to the grid and the motor when starting 

2.Easy to operate and use.

3.High efficiency, energy saving obviously

4.Perfect protection function, less defect and Equipment maintenance.

5.Small size,light,long life.

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