Frequency adjustable speed pump


1. The 100% full speed key button, 80% speed keys button, 50% speed keys button, start and stop button, up key and down key on the pump operation panel. 4 digital displays setting speed, setting 100%/80%/50% speed by up key and down key. Speed range from 30%~100% could be adjusted at pleasure, pressing up key and down key is 1% increase and decrease.

2. Starting at any one gear, the motor all being 100% full speed operating about 3 minutes, the power LED is red, besides ON/OFF button, other buttons is invalid; after 3 minutes, the power LED changed from red to green means motor can be arbitrary shifting gear.

Installation way:
direct connection type and split type
Rating power: 1.1kw/1.5HP

1. input voltage/frequency: single- phase  
2. single- phase 108~120V/50/60Hz

Fitted motor:
1. three-phase asynchronous motor;
2. Rating power is 1.1kw
3. Voltage is 220V/60Hz


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