Y2 EY2 series

Y2 EY2 series

Y2 series three-phase asynchronous motor is designed speciaIly for European market, whose terminal box is Iocated on the top of motor. The motor has a very compact structure and attractive appearance, the sizes and mounting dimensions are all in conformity with lEC standard. The motor has some good feature, such as high efficiency, energy- saving. High starting torque and easy maintenance etc. 

There are three kinds of instaIlation construction for motor:
B3 Frame with foot, end shieId without flange,
B35 Frame with foot, end shield with flange,
B5 Frame without foot, end shield with flange.

Ambient temperature: -15°C≤q≤40°C
Above sea level: not exceed 1000m
Rated voltage: ±5%
Protection Class:IP44/IP54
Insulation Class:B/F
Cooling method:ICO141


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